Desperately Seeking Sleep

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I so am wishing for it right now! For Layla. It's been an hour of nonstop crying---it's 11:15 pm. It's pure hell!

Aliyah still sleeps with us but she's a snap to get to sleep at night. Layla is just the opposite. Plus the poor lil' thing is cutting multiple teeth right now. She's become worse and worse about going to sleep at night and then waking frequently at night. I can't take it anymore and it's not going to work once I start work. So holding my breath I put her in the crib kissed her good night and let the fun begin. I'm saying lots and lots of prayers that she will lay down and go to sleep!

This parenthood thing really stinks sometimes.

If this is successful the next step is to get Aliyah into her own bed. Keep putting it off and right now haven't pushed since it's just her and myself.

Shhhhhh! Things are getting quieter, little hoarse sounding whimpers and fussing. Please baby go to sleep!

11:30pm and all's quiet in the other bedroom! I wanna go peek and make sure she's covered but don't dare. I just know it would wake her up. Prayers answered!! G'night all! I'm exhausted and need to go to sleep too!


Anonymous said...

Awww Cindi, that was the hard part, the first night, it gets easier now. Us mothers go through so much for our babies dont we? But I wouldnt change a minute for it.
Hugs to you and the girls and sleeping in their own beds.