And there was peace and quiet

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The joy of finally getting your child to lay down and go to sleep on her own? Priceless. Yep, 8:30 and I just kissed my littlest angel good night laid her down, covered her with her blankie, and it's quiet! Shhhhhh! I'm doing a very quiet happy dance right now!!!

She took her first couple steps without hanging on yesterday! Sigh. My baby is growing up!!


American Muslima Writer said...

Awwww that is a good feeling!!! glad it worked for you!

Shabana said...

wonderful! isn't that the best feeling when they learn to sleep on their own? my first baby figured it out by 9 months and has been an angel ever since. my little guy who is not 13 months has just figured it out in the last month. it helped to include him in his brother's bedtime routine. I guess seeing his brother putting on his pj's, brushing his teeth and getting into bed made him feel comfortable enough to wind down himself. As a mom in your position, here's a high five for you! (enjoy the peace...cuz the next battle's coming up: potty training!!!!)