And there was peace and quiet

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The joy of finally getting your child to lay down and go to sleep on her own? Priceless. Yep, 8:30 and I just kissed my littlest angel good night laid her down, covered her with her blankie, and it's quiet! Shhhhhh! I'm doing a very quiet happy dance right now!!!

She took her first couple steps without hanging on yesterday! Sigh. My baby is growing up!!

The Weather Outside is Frightful

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But these two are so delightful! There is a Christmas Cantata at the church my parents attend so I decided to dress the girls up in their Christmasy dresses for it. Oh yes, we are also in the midst of a good winter storm! It's snowing like crazy outside! The pic I've posted here doesn't do it justice! Lovin' it!!

Aliyah was willing to sit and pose, Layla not so much. And don't be freaked out by the cat's glowing eyes, haha.

Battle of Bedtime

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Sick of hearing about this yet? Join me in my pain, haha. Wellllll, we went 45 min. Thursday night. She slept thru the night and I woke up at 7:30 am thinking WTH?. She napped but only if she was held the little demon. Then yesterday she went 45 min. again but I put her down too early so she did wake up wayyyyy too early. I also got her to nap for a short time after letting her cry. Tonight I made her wait until 7:15. She's still screaming but it's still early. I just wish we would get to a shorter time frame for the screaming. Aliyah keeps asking me why I let Layla cry? Oh, poor girl! Must stink for her, too!

I went and peeked through the small crack in the door all these nights when she's quit crying and she's sitting in the crib, just sitting. I feel so awful, like she's still trying to figure out what the heck happened.

Hoping this ends soon!

Bedtime Round 2

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It's the second night of the new sleeping plan for this household. I wasn't cut out for this part of parenting. I started earlier tonight which is something. I went online and researched the different methods to get baby to sleep on their own.

I started at 6pm per instructions, dressed her in her pj's, made an attempt at reading a book, snuggled a bit and put her down. Then the screaming began! It lasted an hour and a half! At one point had to pick her up and change her diaper because she had pooped. Nice try little girl! But, she went to sleep. Yep, 7:30 and she was down. Then I worked on the older one. Read her the favorite bedtime book and she was down by 8:15! I rock! I'm so friggin' tired I'm for bed next, haha.

It was a long day today. Layla was so clingy and she would fall asleep in my lap, but when I put her in her crib she woke up right away. I tried around 11 am to let her fuss it out but just gave up and laid her on my bed while I did some reading. She slept 20 minutes. Then back to clinging. I went between feeling like a total loser of a mom to getting irritated by the whole thing. I'm glad, however, that I read the articles I read and gave it another try tonight. I just need to get these two angels squared away for bedtime before I start working night shifts. I can't dump restless kids on my parents. I'm just so grateful they are willing and able to help short term like this. I'm also hoping that eventually I'll get back on day shift.

Desperately Seeking Sleep

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I so am wishing for it right now! For Layla. It's been an hour of nonstop crying---it's 11:15 pm. It's pure hell!

Aliyah still sleeps with us but she's a snap to get to sleep at night. Layla is just the opposite. Plus the poor lil' thing is cutting multiple teeth right now. She's become worse and worse about going to sleep at night and then waking frequently at night. I can't take it anymore and it's not going to work once I start work. So holding my breath I put her in the crib kissed her good night and let the fun begin. I'm saying lots and lots of prayers that she will lay down and go to sleep!

This parenthood thing really stinks sometimes.

If this is successful the next step is to get Aliyah into her own bed. Keep putting it off and right now haven't pushed since it's just her and myself.

Shhhhhh! Things are getting quieter, little hoarse sounding whimpers and fussing. Please baby go to sleep!

11:30pm and all's quiet in the other bedroom! I wanna go peek and make sure she's covered but don't dare. I just know it would wake her up. Prayers answered!! G'night all! I'm exhausted and need to go to sleep too!