Hey Lady Control Your Child

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We went to an iftar that is a part of a masjid here---they don't actually have enough room in what they are using for the masjid so rent the gymnasium at the local Middle School. I made sure I stood at the end of the row for prayer so that my daughter could sit next to me. There are generally so many people at this thing that A. is completely overwhelmed so stays glued to my side. As usual tonight I'm doing the prayer and this girl that had to have been AT LEAST 5 years old runs by my daughter and whaps her in the back....I'm thinking okay maybe that's not what I saw, so keep praying and she does it again!! I glare at her, hardly prayer like behaviour and just why are kids this old running around while we are supposed to be praying? If they can't or don't want to pray they should at least sit there quietly until the rest finish. Nope, the little brat runs by and hits my daughter again this time in the back of her head so I whisper "NO MORE" and I didn't see her again. I tried to look around after prayer to see who she was with because that is just so unacceptable to act that way!!! Talk about un-Islamic!! Now I'm praying that what little bit of prayer I was actually able to concentrate on will be accepted because this little shit decided to be a bully and to my daughter who really was sitting there quietly. After the third hit she wanted to stand right in front of me and hang on to my top. I felt awful for her and hope that eventually she will find her own voice to tell crappy kids to stop treating her that way.

I better not see the little bugger tomorrow at Eid prayer or I will grab her and let her have an earful. Unbelieveable that so many kids are allowed to run crazy during a time when it should be quiet. If I EVER caught one of my kids treating another child that way they would really wish they hadn't even thought of it!!