I'm moving

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I'm moving to wordpress.  Here's the link:  Cup of Blessings

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I haven't been here for a few months!  I always think of things I want to write about but then get caught up in life and forget to sit down and type them.

I've been battling a really bad respiratory infection for a month and I'm physically exhausted.  I'm still trying to keep up with exercise but a couple of times have been down for the count!

Sooooo, some things that have happened or are happening.

I got myself worked up into a tizzy in late August.  The ex was here visiting the girls.  Out of the blue he asks me for their birth certificates.  I went on instant red alert!  I've been cautious about this for some time and I was worried he was trying to get them to take them out of the country.  He says  he needed it for the visa paperwork for his "fiance."  My gut reaction was bullshit!  I told him I would have to see where I stashed them.  After he left I looked into it and there isn't a need for him to have those documents.  He just needs proof of what he pays for child support.  Plus, he could get them himself but at a cost.  Cheap ass didn't want to pay for them.  I immediately put an alert on them if anyone tries to get a passport in their names.  It's still not enough for me.  I found out that he could walk into any Pakistani consulate and get them Pakistani passports!!  I confronted him about them not being necessary for her paperwork and his response was "oh, I was told I did." 

I don't for a minute think he wants to be responsible for them full time but I do believe that if his family pushed him to bring the kids there he couldn't say no to them.  Apparently his nephew, who is also American with Pakistani daddy is going there in January.  I think the sister-in-law who is the American is crazy for allowing this! 

The other thing I discovered was that even without passports or my permission he could get them on a plane and out of the country!!  Good luck getting them back then!  There is a petition going around to have a "no fly" list for children of mixed parentage to prevent that from happening.  I agree!!  If we can do that for terrorists or "people of interest" then we sure as hell can for these children.  I beg any of you reading this to go here:  Emily's Law and sign this petition.  I've relaxed some but still on guard for anything suspicious.  He said something about them going there for college if they want to be MD's as it's cheaper.  I said "hell to the no!"  If they want to go once they are adults that will be their decision but NOT as children.
In other things.  Both girls have been having lots of respiratory illnesses and ear infections.  To the point I finally told my doctor that I wanted a referral to an allergist/immunologist.  I made the appointment today and November 8th they will go in for testing, etc.  I did some research and they fit the criteria for Primary Immunodeficiency which would help in knowing how to treat them!  I just want all the sickness to end!


Watching recorded episodes of Family Jewels and though I think much of it is "put on" and Gene is a pig towards women there was a good one I saw from last night.  They attended a Marriage Bootcamp which looked really good!  Everyone that's getting married should have some of this.  If nothing else with troubled marriages even if the marriage is not saved the person can come away with a new understanding of themselves!

Some ugly reality

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I've discovered something about myself that I don't like.  I have no patience with my kids.  I try, I count, put myself in time out.  But there are days I wonder how mom's spend all their time with their kids!  I kept both of mine in full time daycare through the summer.  I've had them home for 3 days straight and I'm at wit's end!! I was going to take them to the lake today but Layla is still sick with high temps and her vague complaints of a sore throat and ears.  Bleh.  We've blown bubbles, played in the wading pool, colored, played with the Wii.  They're still begging for more and I'm done.  Thinking I may pop open a bottle of wine and have a glass.