Bedtime Round 2

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It's the second night of the new sleeping plan for this household. I wasn't cut out for this part of parenting. I started earlier tonight which is something. I went online and researched the different methods to get baby to sleep on their own.

I started at 6pm per instructions, dressed her in her pj's, made an attempt at reading a book, snuggled a bit and put her down. Then the screaming began! It lasted an hour and a half! At one point had to pick her up and change her diaper because she had pooped. Nice try little girl! But, she went to sleep. Yep, 7:30 and she was down. Then I worked on the older one. Read her the favorite bedtime book and she was down by 8:15! I rock! I'm so friggin' tired I'm for bed next, haha.

It was a long day today. Layla was so clingy and she would fall asleep in my lap, but when I put her in her crib she woke up right away. I tried around 11 am to let her fuss it out but just gave up and laid her on my bed while I did some reading. She slept 20 minutes. Then back to clinging. I went between feeling like a total loser of a mom to getting irritated by the whole thing. I'm glad, however, that I read the articles I read and gave it another try tonight. I just need to get these two angels squared away for bedtime before I start working night shifts. I can't dump restless kids on my parents. I'm just so grateful they are willing and able to help short term like this. I'm also hoping that eventually I'll get back on day shift.


Coolred38 said...

Eeeeks! I went through that same scenario 5 hang in gets better. The number one thing you have to remember is to stay talking with your kid...its just 'time for bed" and "good night sweety" and thats it....when they get you to talking...arguing whatever...they have won your attention and they are in fact staying refuse all talk other then the absolute necessary...turn you back and walk away. If she gets up...put her back and walk away. If she screams herself blue in the face....wear ear plugs...its the only way to get through it believe me. Just hope your neighbors arent too Good luck.