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Reminding myself of my blessings.  There are many but sometimes get lost for everything else. 

Last Sunday I got the girls baptized.  I've wanted to really since they were born but of course couldn't when married.  The X doesn't do a thing to teach them anything about Islam.  I do, but frankly feel more comfortable and closer to God with Christianity.  To each their own.  I know Muslims that I think are also close to God.  It is wonderful that there are so many ways to find Him.  I pray they find their own way as they grow.  Already they know the importance of having God in their lives so guess I'm on the right track.

I'm trying to drop some more weight.  Been walking every chance I get, using the Wii for exercise as well.

Layla came through her surgery without any complications.  She was up and running around the next morning!  We have also conquered potty training.  No small feat with my stubborn little one!