Hear my prayer

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My mom had breast cancer 12 years ago and had a mastectomy. After 5 years of tamoxifen she was pronounced cancer free at her yearly checks. Then this past spring a spot showed up on her lung. She had a CT scan and it was decided to recheck it in 6 months to see if it had grown. She had the CT scan before Christmas. It had increased slightly in size. Next step was a needle biopsy. We just found out Wednesday night that it was positive for the same kind of cancer as that found in her breast. She's working on a referral to the University of Minnesota Cancer Center to plan the next steps. At the very least a wedge resection of her lung or lobectomy. Then she will have to be on medications to suppress the cancer for the rest of her life. I'm praying really hard right now that the rest of her life will be a really long time and that it will be spent cancer free after this. I can't begin to explain just how close I am to my mother. We're best friends and I've really had a lot of support from her, especially now. My father would be devastated if he lost her, we all would. I'm asking that everyone keep her in your prayers. The power of prayer is incredible, it's brought me through some of the most difficult times of my life!

So God I know You're listening. Help me and my family get through this, to find strength and courage to face it and the uncertain future it holds.


jana z. said...

oh cindi. god. whats worse than hearing the cancer has returned. worse than any horror movie you could watch. im so sorry. inshallah things will be ok!! God is listening. ill include her in my prayer. ok?

Anonymous said...

Cindi I am keeping you in my prayers, I hope your mum have many many years ahead yet and that they can make the cancer go!

Sadiyah said...

I am so sorry that your mother has to face this all over again. I know I live in dread of hearing those words again and yet again.

Perhaps your move back to MN was preordained. You can help her take care of all that ails her and reconnect. Family is so important at times like this.

My thoughts are with your family as you rally around to make her well again.