Good things come in small packages

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Strange that I had to come across the country and settle into a small town with a population of around 1800 to get a decent haircut for Aliyah! She's also modelling her new snow boots that she's so proud of, haha, she can't wait for snow!

There was a beautiful snowfall yesterday! It was those big fat lazy flakes drifting to the ground. I could have watched it all afternoon! Alas, I was driving to and from my job interview in it and didn't think to grab my phone and take a picture.

My interview went well. The hospital has undergone a major renovation and the nursing unit is beautiful!!! Looks like a really nice place to work! The position open is for 12 hour night shifts so not real pleased with that because of my girls but need to get my foot in the door.

Speaking of small things Layla is working very hard on walking. She comes crawling up to me, gives me a kiss, and grabs my fingers to use me for balance. I give her to the end of the month and she'll be walking by herself! She also cut her first tooth!

The church going idea has been nixed. My hubby really hated that I had taken them to church. Nevermind that we spent most of that time playing in the nursery. Of course Aliyah was excited that she got to play so she told her father "we went to church and stood up, sang, clapped (there was a christening), and played." Nothing I could say would convince him that I wasn't turning them into Christians. I won't repeat it.


Anonymous said...

She looks sooo nice!:-) And she looks so much like you!:-) I hope you get a good job, it will probably be hard in the beginning, but you will get where you want, I'm sure. AS for the church thing...if it is what you want, then go ahead and do it, your ex is not there, and no matter what he says or want, it is your life and you are taking the decisions for yourself now.If he can't understand your need to find your spirituality, he can't say about islam or not. I had a similar situation when I decided me and nuria wouldn't be muslims...but my ex is more or less ok with it now. Well, at least he don't argue about it that much.

Cindi said...

Yes, but we aren't divorced, really only separated by miles. He does plan to move here once things on his end are settled. I also haven't left Islam, per se. Just looking for something right now. My faith is strong, my religion not so much. I will respect his feelings on this as he has never pushed me to practice either.

sukkie said...

cindi, she's looking so cute mashallah! and pink snow boots? i'm jealous now, haha! (although i probably won't need snow boots where i'm from, ha) good luck with the job hunt! hope they call you back soon :)

Sobia said...

Cindi, if going to church makes you and your girls happy. I think you should do it.