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I've been drawn to a couple blogs since this past fall. The buttons are to the left of this page "I read Nie Nie" and her sister's blog "C Jane". I mention them because I dropped in to their blog this morning and, let me tell you, those women can really write! I was choked up by both their entries for today. Here's the links:,

They really inspire me, these ladies. Through their trials they remain positive and find the happiness in each day. I feel for CJane because I can remember thinking that I would never have the chance to have babies. Not that I was having fertility issues, more issues of a partner to have the babies with. Never the less I can understand that deep longing and the boundless joy to have that prayer answered.

With Stephanie's blog. Since she's returned after her accident I can feel her pain through her writing. I wonder if I could be as positive as she seems? I don't know. I couldn't imagine the type of pain she's going through and adjusting to such a huge difference in her life.

I wish the best for these two, who I don't even know except through their writing. They give me hope and the desire to find the goodness in my life. I often write about the bad I've experienced. So much that I am tempted to take down old posts and start new. But then they are a part of me, what I've experienced or felt.

Guess that's it for today. Didn't really have anything else to write about today. It's beautiful, the sun is shining, it was already 30 degrees at 8am. Gonna try to soak up the sunshine to give my vitamin D a boost that's badly needed.