What Limits You?

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We all have limits, some more than others.  Something that keeps us from fully living what we may be feeling.  It can be religious/faith, weight, career, friendships, relationships, many things.

Had a fabulous coffee chat with Stacy!  Wow!  What ideas we bounced back and forth about this very thing.  Not solving world problems mind you, just things that we wanted to change in ourselves.  We have a great deal in common, more than we realized.  There are things within that I’m frankly a chicken to let loose.  Oh my God!  What would other people think?  I know I know I shouldn’t let that stop me.  I should stay true to my desires.  I did so good with my nutrition and wellness but have let myself be indifferent to it for too long.  I know what I want to stand for but actually doing it?  Scary!

Far too often I let others dictate how I live instead of living how I want to live.  I made the choice to practice Christianity again but also still reading my Qu’ran.  I can do both, it’s my choice.  It doesn’t damn me, I don’t and won’t believe that.  Yet I find myself cowering to express my faith.  I love God, I believe that God is what controls all things, we just often ignore His guidance.  My life becomes unbalanced.  What an incredible God that can give us so many ways to learn His will!  I want to embrace this openly instead of only within me.  I’ve always felt awkward around others who are zealous about their religion and faith.  I’m just as much so, just not openly.

I see others in troubled relationships and feel for them.  I’ve been there.  I want them to know that when they’re ready there are many of us there to support them in breaking free.

I love my career but it is not the end all of my life.  I have a life away from work that is even more valuable for me.  For some, they live to work and we need those people.  For others, like myself, we don’t and we deserve just as much respect from employers as those that will put work first
I’ve reached a point where I just don’t have time or patience for trivial bullshit.  There is more, so much more to life that will bring happiness and wellness.  I may lose my motivation some days but I still want that end result.  

Hopefully this doesn't sound too disjointed.  Just had this all inside and had to get it down.


Southern Gal said...

Cindi, I am so thankful she was able to the care at U of MN. Your in my prayers.