My back

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I've had major problems with low back pain since I fell down a long flight of steps when I was pregnant with Aliyah. I had xrays then but they never told me what they saw if anything. Maybe then it was nothing. When we were getting ready to move into this house I really injured it trying to pick up a box. I went to my chiropractor then and he treated it, it got better. Until I was pregnant with Layla. I was treated by my chiropractor then as well. I assumed it was my sacroiliac joint and that it was just really unstable.

I've been getting treatment again for this pain for the past month with no relief which is really unusual. The chiropractor sent me for new xrays. Guess what? I have a stress fracture on one of my lumbar vertebrae and a condition known as spondylothesis. Great. The treatment is to avoid heavy activity, rest, no lifting. That's most of what I do working as a nurse. On my feet for 12 hour shifts, lifting people up in beds, sliding them onto stretchers and beds. This is really no good. He also said I have arthritic changes which means it will probably continue to be a problem for me.

Here's a pic of what's going on:

I seem to feel more pain now that I know there's a fracture, lol. Maybe my brain giving me permission to be injured. My husband the jerk said I would find any excuse to not do anything around the house. What a shit! He had a bulging disc and laid on the couch a couple weeks moaning, had to have his brother pick up our oldest from daycare, couldn't even handle cooking. Hmm, everything I'VE BEEN DOING with an effin broken bone!!!! Just more of his abuse. Can't wait til I can make my final move. Maybe I should shove this picture in front of his face or my xrays.

My broken toe is getting better, thankfully, been icing it like crazy.

I ordered a bike and one of those little trailer thingy's to put the kids in to pull behind the bike. It's at Walmart.....did a site to store option. I'll have to go get that today on my way to pick Aliyah up from daycare.

The inlaws are really wearing on me. Found flour on the handle to my fridge, crusted to the counter top. A plastic bowl in the cabinet with flour all over it----HELLO, did you think this looked clean? My bathroom they use (we have our own in the bedroom) has puddles of water on the floor, all around the sink.....WTF, does wudu have to be so messy? Wipe your mess up! The tub looked like sasquatch took a shower, clean the damn fur up, dude! MIL left a peeled banana on the dresser in the room she's using, it had turned brown and had fruit flies on it. It's just unbelievable! Praying they go to NJ soon!


Anonymous said...

sweetie, u deserve so much more. i hope u find the strength to do what u need to do.


pixie said...

hope your back feels better and you can't get back home as soon as possible!!!

Anonymous said...

You are killing yourself Cindi, you need to get back to your family ASAP, you need someone to take care of YOU for a change. I truly hope your back gives you some relief soon.

L_Oman said...

I'm sorry that you are going through all of this mess right now. :(

I hope that you get some peace and happiness in your life real soon, Cindi.

sukkie said...

good luck with everything, cindi: hope the in-laws leave soon, hope your back gets better, hope everything turns out for the best...


Anonymous said...

Salaams and Hugs, Cindi,

Oh... I feel for the back pain you are going through and hope you get some kind of relief soon. It doesn't sound good though as you will likely always be agitating the condition because of your duties at work and being a Mum. All that and a broken toe! Geez.

I hope you have fun on the bike with the kids.

I had to laugh re: the inlaws... not that it's funny but I can relate. Is it a Pakistani thing? A male thing? (although I assume it is your mil in the kitchen). I really dislike having to wash dishes before using them. Tell the in-laws that Prophen Muhammad (pbuh) used two handfuls of water to perform his whole ablution! Water in the bathroom drives me crazy (i.e.: getting your pants wet, etc.). And, I really think that some people don't realize if they miss the garbage can, pick it up and try again. I'm referring to some Pakistani tennants we have, not hubby or in-laws but I can still relate.

Hang in there, think positive, and pray!

Hugs and duas,

Rhonda Munoz said...

I’m so sorry to hear about your back pain! I do hope that the problem didn’t persist, or better yet, that it’s already been solved. If I had seen this post when you made it, I would’ve recommended regular visits to your chiropractor because he knows exactly which part to target to help alleviate the pain.

Shaunna Schumacher said...

Back pain during pregnancy is really common among mothers, and the help of chiropractors are very well known during these times. A few months after giving birth, I suggest that you try to exercise using the inversion table so that you can stretch your back and at the very least, alleviate back pain. I just hope that if you’re still planning to have a new baby, the back pain will not be as severe as it was before when you practiced the exercise in the inversion table.

-- Shaunna Schumacher